Job 1:1-12

We all encounter the reality of hardship and crisis some time in our lives. We have all seen, and probably experienced, some of the obvious tragedies that haunt those who live in this world. There is conflict all around us that we can plainly see; death, disease, warfare, hardships, pain, sorrow are all obvious.

There is an area of conflict that goes on around us and within us that we cannot see and that is in the spiritual realm. We are all engaged in spiritual warfare, even if we do not realize it. In this invisible war there are many casualties. In this war, there are no conscientious objectors. There are only those who are ground up and broken down by the spiritual crises they face in life.

In the book of Job, the veil is pulled back just a little. We are allowed to catch a glimpse of the spiritual warfare that occurred in Job’s life. We are allowed to see and understand a little of what transpired behind the scenes in the greatest tragedy of Job’s life.

We are even allowed to see events that occurred in Heaven. What a difference it would have made in Job’s life had he known what was happening but he didn’t; and neither do we. When trials come our way, we often seem to forget that God is always present in our hurts and that He has a plan in our pain. That great truth underlines the whole book.

We can and must learn from the warfare that Job faced. There is help here for us when we face our own times of suffering and sorrow; those testing times when our enemies are arrayed against us. Help is available if we will recognize it and if we will receive it! Just like Job, we are engaged in battle with a spiritual enemy who seeks our destruction; but like Job, we have a great God and a wonderful Saviour with us who is able to strengthen us, keep us and see us through any battle in which we are engaged. Remember…. we are on the victory side!

“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.”              Job 19:25


Speakers for Sunday Services in May

 5 th                          am. Revd Peter Cho

                                                                                                                        pm.  Revd Dr Suzanne Roberts

12th                          am.  Revd Peter Cho

                                                                                                                                       pm.  Dr Chris Palmer

19th                          am.  Revd Peter Cho

                                                                                                                                       pm.  Dr Chris Palmer

26th                          am.  Revd Peter Cho

                                                                                                                                       pm. Dr Chris Palmer

Dates for your diary:

                                                                                  Wednesday, 15th May   Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship 7pm.

Tuesday, 21st May – Professor Kim (musical ministry) 6.30 pm.

Thursday, 23rd May- Mr Chef.

Thursday 30th May – Ascension Day Service (7pm). Speaker: The  Revd Simeon Baker.

Monday, 10th June – Men’s Fellowship (7pm)

Wednesday, 12th June – Annual General Meeting (7pm)

Thursday, 13th June – Soma Choir

Saturday, 15th June – BUW Momentum family Day – Carmarthen